Any decent prop firms for new guys that dont need starting capital ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Hankar, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Hankar


    Hey guys ..

    I have some basic experience (5-6 months) but as most new guys didnt do much DD on the subject and blown up couple of tiny accounts..

    As i wrote on the title im looking for something with no compensation (ideally) and im willing to prove track on their system for some time before funding ..

    If not what are the best options for low compensation ?

    Ps :
  2. Hankar


    MGB deal looks decent... anybody have experience with them ?
  3. DeltaRisk


    You can get haircut leverage, but you’re too inexperienced to get any kind of real backing. That’s just how it is.

    Any firm that wants to back will only accept real time proven trades, I’ve yet to see a simulated backer. Regardless of how good you trade, it will take a ton of pitch work and I’m not saying I’m against it.....but, if you have the strategy and not enough money yet, just save up.

    There is thousands looking to steal any working strategy without paying anything substantial. Keep it under wraps.
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  4. Hankar


    i have some real time live trades but to be honest i should have researched better as to were and with what firm i should have started ...

    had some bad trades at start then was consistent for a while and almost turned profitable and then got cocky and f it up ...
  5. It is very difficult for any company to lend you a capital to invest in the stock market, this is very complicated. Your earnings would be very low!
  6. Hankar


    i dont mind having low earnings to start with something that has good potential
  7. DeltaRisk


    It is a long learning curve.
    Don’t give up.
  8. I hate to tell you this as everyone else here has been very nice to you. What you are looking for doesn't exist. Why would anyone give a relatively new trader capital to trade with no risk deposit to ensure against your losses. You saw that trading live is much harder than demo/sim trading which is why nobody will fund you until you have years of a track record showing top notch risk management in all different market conditions. If someone funded you with your live trades they would be sitting at a loss on you at this point although you were probably 100% convinced you were going to be profitable.

    I will echo everyone else to not give up, keep working and you'll see results
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  9. pineman


    But, isn't that the point.....given a forum like this, you should be able to obtain info that is useful, since this is a traders' forum, but guess what, for the most part they remain silent and come in later and call you a piker, etc... Or the best quote, over 95 % of Props traders lose money........ok, fair enough, ppl just want honest answers !

    Read my thread I just bumped up....will give you a better idea !