Any daytraders from Florida?

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  1. Sorry Tampa. I meant you're a limousine liberal and Rs7 is a Pinko.
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    Moved down here from Boston 3 years ago and we really like it. You have 3 "seasons" here for a change of pace and the property values are reasonable (although like most places in FL have increased over the past few years.)

    A home on the intracostal runs under 400K and the schools aren't bad relative to the rest of the state (although they don't compare to the Northeast so private school may still be necessary.)

    Some people say that it might as well be Southern GA, and in some case it may be true, but if you live on the Southside, Ponte Vedra, or the Beaches, you would be in anywhere USA (Northeast, Midwest, etc.)

    The biggest drawback is the relative lack of cultural activities compared to a big city.

    The Jags are the biggest thing here, and the games are great fun even if you aren't a football fanatic.

    Overall, the quality of life is excellent, no income tax, reasonable property tax, (4K on a 300K home), great weather, and a good family atmosphere.
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  5. I just got back from vacation, was visiting friends and family in Austin, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Was in So Fla in May.

    Visiting the LA area after being in the Texas heat was a relief. There was no big heat wave in Texas during my stay as in past times (100+ degrees for days on end, cooling down to the 90's at night), but the LA weather was beautiful 80' in the day with much cooler evenings, in contrast to Texas. Vegas was a very dry NO HUMIDITY 100 + degrees.

    I say this because the weather in South Florida feels worse in my opinion to Vegas because of the humidity.

    You have the best weather in So Cal, maybe not the best beaches, unless you surf.

    Traffic is king in So Cal, and that alone may be a reason to move away but the weather is a priority in my book and one reason I would prefer California.
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    Went to Ft. Lauderdale/Orlando/Miami for vacation in September, but didn't see much action...seems like tourism drops after July/August, Disneyland's Magic Kingdom was no different from the one in Cali, should've took the kids to Epcot or something else instead...about the only thing good was a cruise to Bahamas taking off from Florida...Blue Lagoon, Paradise Island, they were nice
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    Hi all,

    South of the space center here in Sunny FL, on a wet morning :)

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    As a native Floridian, full time trader, I took the opportunity 4 years ago to finally get the hell out and moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Don't get me wrong, I loved Florida and miss it greatly. I had a house on a lake in Central Florida, boat dock, ski-boat, etc etc. But Florida isn't what it was 20 years ago with exponential population growth. The infra-structure keeps slipping behind and 10 years from now you better work the graveyard shift or else leave for work 3 hours early. There won't be any more fresh water. And don't forget the metal detectors at the doors to the public schools. Coastal property is becoming extinct but the next hurricane Andrew will take care of that. And brush up on that foreign language you were forced to take a zillion years ago in school - they knew you'd move to Florida one day. Sarasota is a great area to live - plenty of senior citizen discounts around. Just don't be in a hurry to get anywhere.
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    I live in the Keys and I tell you in the last 6 years things have certainly changed. I do not like the Mainland South Florida much. It is very congested and looks like one big shopping mall. However where I live is nothing like it. I am right below the Everglades and there is a peace here like no other. I take my boat up into the glades and it is like time stood still. I live on a boat which definatly helps. I daytrade for a living, so I can move anywhere I can get DSL and I choose to live here. Sure the tourists are a pain in the butt. And the weekenders from Miami make me cringe. But no place is perfect. And I can't take a boat up the side of a mountain!
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    What kind of Internet connection from the boat that you can use for daytrade?
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