Any daytraders from Florida?

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  1. tampa


    Here are a few additional things yet to be mentioned.

    Winter is not as warm as most think it is,
    Summer lasts for more than six months - it is hotter than anything you can imagine, and without any relief.
    No State Income Tax - true. But hidden taxes and fees more than make up for it.

    Did anyone mention hurricanes?

    I live in Tampa, but my vote goes to Sarasota as a very decent place to live.
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  2. Banjo


    Is Osprey nice, south of Sarasota? We live in Los Angeles and I 'm looking to bail to a city in a no tax state with fewer than 10 gang killings on the weekends. Friend is touting me on Sarasota area.
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  3. tampa


    Is Osprey nice?


    You must remember that most of the state is not metro. Media is small market. Many services are unavailable outside of the larger cities, etc.
    Most of the state is scrubland or swamp-like.

    It all depends on what is nice to you.
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  4. Don't get me started on the Sheriff's Department.
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    Any traders living in Bend, Oregon???
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  6. kathy


    sarasota is a great location, nice beaches. Can't go wrong moving there. i am about 50 minutes from there. The gulf of mexico is much calmer in that you don't get the big waves like the atlantic or pacific, and water is clearer. Some movie stars have moved to sarasota also. I live in St pete area, actually south pasadena just a few minutes from st petersburg beach!
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  7. Amkeer


    Been living here and St. Petersburg Beach for, hmmm, 21 years from Boston. All I can say is there is alot of positives some negatives, but the positives outweigh the negatives by a huge margin. Tampa/St. pete. would be the only place I would live in Florida and I have been around the whole state. If I was to move from here it would be another state and I havn't found anything better yet so I am still here.:cool:
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  8. As I said earlier, I live in Tampa. Used to live in So. CA (Los Angeles, Palm Springs). I love the water and warm, tropical weather. Best places on the west coast of FL are Sarasota (planning to move there is a yr or so), Naples (little boring place, very expensive real estate, lots of wealthy folks) St.Pete Beach, and maybe Ft.Myers.
    Water in pool is around 86 degres for 6 months. Summer very humid (if you're on the beach, who cares? I actually go to the beach around 6am and leave 3-4 hrs later).
    During winter, temperature can drop to low thirties for one-or-two nights. Every second car has an out-of-state license plate.
    If I have to pick one place that would be Sarasota. Beaches used to better tho only a few years ago.
    Have Fun Trading!
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  10. Part-time FL. Live and trade there in the winter. NY resident for the rest of the year.
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