Any daytraders from Florida?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by trader3, Aug 26, 2002.

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    oh yeah...
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  2. jaykit


    I never really post, mostly just read...anyways, I trade in a small office near the beach in Ft. Lauderdale with a few other guys.
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  3. trader3


    I asked because I was wondering how you like living there. We are thinking of relocating from Southern CA.

    The reasons we are think of moving are:
    1) Overcrowding, especially near the beaches (where we live).
    2) Too much traffic
    3) Too much noise pollution
    4) Very high cost of living
    5) Not enough trees, green foliage and spread out spaces (we'd like to be able to hop in the car and drive fifteen minutes or half an hour and be out of the city).

    How is Florida with respect to these problems?

    Thanks very much for any help!
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  4. Florida is crowded with lots of old people who can't drive. The winters are filled with people from up north filling up the roads and restaurants. At least the beaches are nice. And if you plan to move to miami, make sure you learn spanish first.........
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  5. ramuk


    I moved back to Colorado after living there (Ft. Lauderdale)
    for about 8 months. I don't mind the crowds etc, but the
    worst thing I found was the mentality of the people. I call
    it the "North East mentality".

    But perhaps, you will like it.
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  6. Baron

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    I live in Orlando, and here is how it stacks up:

    1. Orlando is a pretty big city with lots of people, but to me its nowhere near as crowded as Southern California, except for I-4 (see below). There are still plenty of wide open spaces and undeveloped areas.

    2. I-4 is the main artery in Orlando and it is a total debacle. It leads to all theme parks so it carries a ton of tourist traffic. And since it goes right through the downtown area, the locals have to use it as well. I would definitely buy a home on the same side of town that you are working to avoid having to use I-4 every day.

    3. Compared to So. Cal, Noise pollution is non-event.

    4. Cost of living is cheap. And with no state income tax, you can save major dough just by moving.

    5. Impressive plant life and wide open spaces are abundant.
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  7. I literally go down to Siesta Key atleast 5 times per week. I am new to Sarasota, and my only two friends in the area live there. The Siesta village is cool. You have the "Speak Easy" and the "Daiquiri Deck" very close to the beach.

    Sarasota is small, but for you young single fellas, the odds are definitely in our favor!
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  8. Yes, but I have found that to really only be the case on the other side of the state. Over here on the "suncoast" it is quite nice, but I do miss the midwest.
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  9. MarkHyman

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    I live in Parkland, Florida.
    It is 10 minutes form Boca
    Our office is in Coral Springs and we are in the process
    of setting up a trading room for S&P E-mini traders.

    Mark Hyman
    Advanced Futures
    11555 Heron Bay Blvd. Suite 200
    Coral Springs, FL. 33076
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  10. kathy


    I am in St Pete area. Like to hook up with other traders in area. contact me at
    thanks, Kathy
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