any Day trading simulators?

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  1. Hello, does anyone know of any day trading simulators that are free of cost, that i could use. Especially ones that use past data, so i can use the simulator when the market is not open?
  2. Infinity Brokerage has one free of charge ( ) I do not have the direct link as I am traveling with my laptop but its quite nice. Real time data, DOM etc..

  3. too bad infinity brokerage crashes all of the time
  4. xednise


    I've been using them daily since sept 07 and have had them go down one time, you must have some computer conflict issues.
  5. Try ninjatrader using Mirus Futures. Works really well
  6. The new TradeStation Simulator works great and comes free with the software and the data.
  7. I just downloaded OpenECry's free simulator. It's good for 14 days I think.
  8. Does it use an Excel Interface like the one they have posted on their forums?

  9. I wouldn't count on TS's sim to give you anywhere the results you will have realtime. As soon as price hits your limit order to get in you are in right away. Unrealistic. Same thing with getting filled on your target. Market orders are pretty realistic though.
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