any day trading Hedge Funds?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by chipmunk, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Are there any day trading funds out there or is it all overnight?

    Seems once you go form "trader" to Hesge Fund you go from tradig to running a business? I winder if there is actually more money by doing this?
  2. Someone mentioned a fund doing about 10 % of Nasdaq volume , forgot the name
  3. Steve Cohen?
  4. malice


    i think it was James Simons and the Nova Fund
  5. That sounds about right...
  6. so he's a day trader?
  7. JCVR


    SAC trades alot but they are so big now that most of their positions are longer term. Doesn't stop them from trading actively around many positions though. Steve day trades the eminis quite actively still.
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    I think they use high-frequency data to generate their signals. I've also heard they hold positions for 10-20 minutes, if justified.
  9. Jim Cramer had one.
    And he -like most daytraders- ended up blowing up accounts.
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    More than a few of his trader's are quite short term holders.
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