Any Day Trading Advice/Books/etc?

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  1. Hey all,

    For a little over a decade now I have been investing in commodities like gold, silver, land, etc. but have always avoided the stock market as I prefer to physically hold my investments. But recently, after looking around and talking to folks, I've became familiar with the idea of 'Day Trading' and now I'm intrigued.

    I'm not looking for someone to tell me how to make $500 in an hour, or give me the golden ticket; I'm just looking for suggestions on great day trading books to read, YouTube channels to help me learn, or any advice/tips from experienced day traders. I want to learn and grow, and I want to find the right path to do so.

    Any help or advice would be amazing! I appreciate it in advance.
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    Here is the best piece of advice you are going to get. USE the search button in the upper right hand corner.
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    i day trade lean hogs.
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  4. Thanks, I appreciate the heads up.

    :finger: very smart, much funny
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    not joking at all many obscure futures lend themselves to old school breakout methods. if the contract was more liquid i could own the world. but as it is you have to take what you can get from where you can find it. i trade other markets also.
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    What intrigued you?
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  8. The idea behind it. The risk, the reward, the elusive mastery of it. How trading can be an art yet no one seems to know anyone who does it, and how learning from the best isn't a thing. It just seems like a challenge and I enjoy that. Plus, I love investing/investments and this falls under that.
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    K, I accept your answer :). Can't think of any book specifically on day trading. Maybe Linda Raschke's books point to the right direction of what to look for.
    I personally like this guy's (trade the trader) approach:

    Really, best way, imho, is to start trading and start looking at how other traders deal with similar problems you will soon encounter.
  10. Check out theotrade. I think you will learn a lot!
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