Any Day traders in Seattle

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Demarco8, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Demarco8


    Hello, my name is Mark, I just moved to Seattle from Chicago. I have been a successful S&P trader for 9 years at the CME. Would like to find other traders in the Seattle area for chat.
  2. Maverick74


    What made you move to Seattle from Chi-town? How do you like it? The hours really suck out there.
  3. rickty


    Hi Mark,

    I'm not in Seattle but "close by" in Portland, OR. I trade ES and ER2 and have developed a number of auto-trading strategies. If you're ever down in Portland be sure to contact me. I too like to get together with other traders.

  4. CashPoor


    Hello Mark,
    so tell me, is the traffic as bad or not as bad a Chicago, never living in Chicago I would have to say Seattle is worst.
    :) I know......who cares !
  5. Demarco8


    I grew up in the Seattle area, and after 8 years of running around in the Merc and Board, I decided to trade on my own for a while until, I make a decision on what to do. Anyways, still trading the S&P eminis, but trying to get a seat lease for the Dow, (a tenth of the cost). Anyways, I hope everyone is trading well. I am hoping for some volatility this week, but looks like it might be slow. If anyone would like to email me, I am a moderately active trader, about 5 thousand trades a day.
  6. Demarco8,

    There was a small group of traders meeting many months ago....don't know if they still have meetings.

    Myself and a couple other traders meet now and then....some trading talk....but usually turns into a BS session.

    PM me if you want to talk....or meet sometime. I live in the Kirkland area.


  7. Demarco or VST,

    Did you guys end up forming a trader group? I remember receving a pm from one of you awhile back about starting a group in the area. Any news/update?

    I hope all is well.
  8. DonCorleone,

    You and I PM'd about a year ago.

    Send me another PM....with phone number. You can check the past PM's....see my phone number.