Any day traders in Detroit suburbs?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by jikodev, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. jikodev


    If there are any please respond. It would be good to establish contact with local daytraders.
  2. debud


    I live in Howell, MI. About 40 mi. west of Detroit. I've been trading full time for about a year and a half.
  3. I live on the north side of D-Town, just a few miles from Eminem's new digs (the only landmark us suburbanites now have). There are a lot of traders here in Detroit. I will add you to my list. We were going to organize an event last year but I never followed through with it.

    Where abouts do you live? Do you trade from home, prop, or at an institution? Lastly, you don't ski do you? I'm up north of the 45th every weekend.

    Go Lions! : (
  4. aulku


    I'm over in Grosse Pointe, although I don't do much day trading any more I wouldn't mind talking "shop"
  5. bozwood


    Live in Troy. If you wouldn't mind, please add me to any list you have of area traders.
  6. sdaustin


    I'm just outside of Port Huron, ~45 mi. north of the Motor City, and have been trying to get going as an independent trader for about a year, w/o much success. I'd definitely be interested in commiserating with any other local traders.

    --- Scott
  7. MRWSM


    Is Eminem living in Robins Nest, Shelby TWP. ?