Any data feed for 1 hour data for specifically GLD, SPY, IWM, TLT ETF?

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  1. rvsw


    Are there any vendors or any place where I can get 1 hour data for a few ETF GLD, SPY, IWM and TLT - hopefully from at least 2006 onwards
    there are plenty of vendors that are selling the data or a lot of stocks and ETF. But I just needed only these 4, in fact, I'm okay with just GLD at present. And, accordingly, I was hoping to pay much less instead of taking the data for all the stocks and ETF.

    Through the various websites, I have data from 2016-2018. But to not have any data before that.

    Please advise.
    Thank you
  2. I sent you the data via PM.

    Only from mid-2008 onwards, but at least it is free.
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  3. micky04


    Is there a chance you can send it to me? Thanks.
  4. Sent. Check your pm's.
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  5. rvsw


    Thank you. I just saw the PM.
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