any Corn, Wheat, Soybeans (soy oil, soiy meal also) Daytraders out there?

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  1. I want to discuss some items...please reply...thanks!!!
  2. yo
  3. which one do you focus on?...just the 9:30-1:15pm session?
  4. i trade it all man, i like overnights. action gets good late though, i trade asnthing you can imagine pretty much. Im primiarily a spread trader and rarely do i keep positions very long, im heavily long corn since about 495 thats a big one for me right now, I've got about 12 hogspreads on long cocoa and getting killed :( long a ton of sugar call options and doing pretty well on those and two cattle spreads. so yeah i do it all what do you want to discuss?
  5. I am focusing on Corn, Wheat, you use TA or news reports or?
  6. corn over here - have done wheat and soybeans in the past but they got a bit too wild for my blood - so its strictly corn these days.
  7. i use a variety of methods, im really trying to immerse myself in TA right now it's my weakest area. I am very fundmental but the more you know the better you are you know? The spreads i trade are based on historical price relationshipsbetween the different months. I follow the trend and pick up ieces where I can. These forums are great any kind of dialouge is fantastic try and learn everyday you know?
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    How is the front month determined for short term trading? I still see Corn Mar 08 contracts trading good volume, but CBOT quote page seems to indicate that current front month is May 08. In stock index futures, liquidity ramps up on the rollover day. Is this not the case with the grains?

  9. All the information you need is here: CBOT

    Now, I don't know how this is going to be setup going forward, as the CBOT and the CME have merged into one entity, the CME Group. But for now, you can get the current month contract, front month contracts, daily volume, etc. from the CBOT link I provided.
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    Thanks. I had already researched both the websites. I could not find any information on this. e.g. on what day did May 08 corn become the front month? If you have specific page reference, that will be helpful.

    I don't know about others but I find the new CME Group website very hard to use and even harder to mine data - which I guess is their design.
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