Any consistent profitable automated system can survive in bucketshop ?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by thomsonfx, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Dear all formers,

    May I know any of you can still survive after you can win consistently over the bucketshop ? For how long and how much you gained if you dont mind to tell. Can any algorithm trading on the minutes timeframe can pass the tolerable level of the bucketshop ? Do you also programme to lower your return for escaping from the inspection programs ?

    For those who being blacklisted, can you disclose the bucketshop's name ? Please PM me if you cant tell in the public.

    How about for brokers ? Anybody can gain up to the level even the bank provide liquidation for the broker cant tolerate your orders ? Please also tell in this case.

    Do you use your parents, relatives, friends' identities for account registrations and trade in the same blacklisted way as before ? That's why we need to request for approval from the bucketshop/broker if we want to trade with their api ?

    Any nightwares of switching your automated solutions from one bucketshop/broker to another ? At least you have to re-programme the order execution part right.

    Thanks to all elitetraders