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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by cdj, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. cdj


    I am new to all of this and have 2 questions:

    1) Is worth using?

    2) What's the difference between a forex signal provider and something like
  2. Isn't a trading platform (a division of Gain Capital) and not known for providing signals?

    You need a way to place your trades....


    you need your triggers...
  3. cdj


    So you can see how NEW I am?

    Doesn't a trader platform provide the signals?

  4. Well you must start somewhere.

    You need a broker first...Like This is the way you will buy and sell. (There are also many broker chioices, here in this Forum discussed). In Retail Forex they are really not called Brokers...More appropriatley they are called dealers or marketmakers. Some traders call them other names :) (excessive profanity is not tolerated in ET)

    Michael B.

    P.S. As far as strategy. There are many ways discussed here how you can proceed. I suggest you read the Forex Trading forum, from beginnig to end. This is your homework.
  5. cdj,

    Where are my manners? Welcome to ET.

    You obviously found the best place to read. You are doing all the right things so far. Do not be in a hurry. Do your reading... it goes very fast.

    Without getting too far off-topic, May I ask, how did you discover ET?

    Michael B.
  6. cdj,

    When you discover which dealer/marketmaker you would like to use, you will then need to open up an account. (you can sample many with their demo platforms and practice buying and selling with fake money)

    There is online paperwork and then when your approved you can fund your account. (Do your homework when deciding, by reading this forum.) Personally I read the customer agreements too, and call them with questions after sampling their platform. Stay away from dealer/marketmakers without customer service phone numbers.

    Most of the dealer/marketmakers in Retail Spot Forex give you free charts to view the market with.

    Are you located in the USA?

    Michael B.
  7. cdj


    Hi Michael,

    Yes I am in the US and I found ET by following a trail of links in the internet.

    I will read the forum as you said. As a moderator I suppose you can not give an opinion on individual traders? Like

  8. Hehe..well I could recommend our sponsors....

    good trading to you.. (and good reading to you too!)

    You will find ET and its guests rather candid and unbiased about sharing their nightmares and positive experiences.

    I hope to see you posting over in the Forex Trading forums as you progress in your journey.

    Michael B.