Any commodity/soybeans traders around?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by OPC, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. nitro


    When I had no money, I wanted to trade Soybean Oil.

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  2. Has anyone here successfully managed to change trading venues from stocks using elec entry methods-Level 2 or DOT to trading futures/options in the pit wherein you have to pick up the phone, talk to broker,etc. Can you share your experiences? Thanks
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  3. Jordan


    I know I'll be on board when the train takes off. And if it goes down I'll get off quickly, as I am sure you will. But if you don't, I guarantee the losses you incur are not going to the poor.

    But I am not talking about people like you and me who are not scrapping for our next meal. I am talking about the people living in shelters and on food stamps and Social Security. The ones who have to decide whether to buy medicine or buy food. People that don't have two nickels to rub together, much less open a trading account.

    On another track, I wonder how much grain production is suppressed by the government. Does the gov still pay farmers not to grow grain so prices will stay about where they are? If that is true, given the scenario of a poor worldwide economy, and rising food prices, I wonder if the gov would then encourage more production to decrease prices.

    Aye carumba, lucky I have charts to help me decide what to do.
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  4. The price of grain is a small percentage of the cost of a product such as breakfast cereal. The bull market in wheat is not being reflected by identical percentage price increases at the grocery store.

    Also, you all should go to the Minneapolis Grain exchage and trade wheat on the floor. The hours can't be beat. You are done at 1:30 and the session is only four hours long.

    Wheat is in a bull market. The floor is going crazy. The MGEX is breaking records in open interest, futures volume and options.
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  5. OPC


    We both know this is an unfair world. Who knows if we play our part in making this world a better place for everybody it may eventually become so, such as giving a percentage of our net income to charity?
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  6. Do you have a long term chart of wheat? All I can find is a Spring Wheat March 2003 chart dating back to mid November 2001. I see a huge run up from about the 310 level to just about 520 This occurred from roughly June to September of this year. Since then it has declined rather sharply (back to about 380 now). What's the larger context?

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  7. Speaking of Bull Markets...

    Go to: and use $XEU as a symbol to make a weekly chart. Nice.

    Sorry it's a little off topic, but I couldn't help it.


    Edit: Use "Chart Size:" Wide and "Duration:" Fill the chart
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  8. The Freedom to Farm Act changed most of the governmental subsidies. The gov. now enocurages the production of some grains over other grains throught their loan programs. But I believe that farmers can grow whatever they want now.
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