Any commodity/soybeans traders around?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by OPC, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. Grains are Wheat,Corn,Oats,you know,the stuff needed to substain life:p
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  2. OPC


    That's true. I have seen a lot of tradeable patterns on weekly and daily charts. They take time to form, but once you spot it you have a nice deal.

    By the way, the whole ag sector is setting up for a major bull market in the years to come. Last Friday CBOT released a report on the story. The link is:,1493,10+24+109+10254,00.html

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  3. OPC


    he, he, he... This paper talk is quite boring at times. But the folks are cool. :cool:
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  4. My father trades them. He used to trade Options on Gold Futures and Japanese Yen Futures back in the late 70s / early 80s.
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  5. OPC


    Commodity markets have a lot of tradition tied to them. No wonder futures contracts were invented by grain traders.

    Also a lot of old wise men can be found in these environments. The same can be said of interest rate and currency markets.

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  6. Southpaw



    Which broker do you use to trade grains. I am interested in giving it a try, but IB doesn't have it available.
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  7. Jordan


    OPC thanks for that article. I have been pondering the same thoughts myself. If we are truly going to experience a decade of weaker business and deflation, the idea of increased food costs is going to make the whole picture that much scarier.
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  8. OPC


    Not at all. But don't forget that timing is still up to you. :)
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  9. Jordan


    Oh yeah. Let me ask you as a theoretical question simply for a bit of discussion if it evolves, will it bother you to profit from increasing food prices?

    I ask in the sense that as the stock market declines and many folks are losing money, this money, even though for some it is their retirement nest-egg, could be put elsewhere.

    But food... as was mentioned earlier... is a necessity. Those of us who trade don't worry as much about this necessity as many. many people do. And a bull market in the ags is only going to make it more difficult for people to buy food. We will.. or intend to... profit from a situation that is hurting other people directly.

    Other opinions?
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  10. OPC


    Bull or bear market, a trader needs a trending market.

    About profiting from increasing food prices let me also ask you a theoretical question: if I buy the market and prices go down instead, will you bother with my losses? And if that is the case, whose hands is the money going to?

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