Any comments on TASR?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Chagi, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Chagi


    I've had Taser on my watchlist for a few months now, it's been in a slow death spiral since mid-May. This puppy is probably dead money until some good fundamental news comes out.

    Thing is though, is it really a practical stock to trade right now? The problem I see with shorting it is that it can be quite volatile when good news does come along, so shorting the underlying directly would be fairly high risk.

    Maybe best to play this one with long-term options? Short-term straddle with $7.50 puts/calls?
  2. Moreagr


    if you hqve been short it panned out to be pretty good the last few days... but its not the type of stock for me...
  3. ARGHH ... I hate it when some traders call

    stocks "puppies" ...

  4. Chagi


    Woof, woof. :p

    Just got home and checked my watchlists, TASR popped a small amount after hours, I got a chuckle from the PR that caused it:

    "TASER NEWS ALERT: U.K. Police Use TASER to Arrest Second Terrorist Suspect" -

    There is a spectrum regarding PR, at one end you have companies that announce very little aside from financial results, at the other end you have...Taser. :D
  5. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    yeah, i guess you don't often see stuff like:
    "GLOCK NEWS ALERT: LAPD Officers Use GLOCKs to Subdue Suspected Serial Jay-walker"


    "SMITH & WESSON NEWS ALERT: Texas Man Really Uses SMITH & WESSON to Insure Truck"

    okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming ...


  6. Chagi


    "This just in, Bob from Regina, Saskatchewan just bought his first bottle of ColdFX today, we believe this to be a material development, updates to follow."


    Joking aside, I think that PRs should generally be reserved for disclosing significantly material items, such as financials, forecasts, new contracts etc.

    I think that the TASR press release is pushing that just a little bit...
  7. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    when i followed them a couple of years ago, TASR would release stuff like getting new contracts and product enhancements/upgrades and the like. i guess they tried to do it in the same line as drug companies when they pass various FDA trials and so forth.

    but, like the drug compaines who failed trials, TASR got bit by its own self-serving attention. i mean come on, was it not enough attention that your stock is doubling on a daily basis :confused:

    people started going into cardiac arrest and dying and so forth ... suddenly it becomes an attempt at damage control. that's what it looks like now. "Hey, look, this group used our product and didn't kill anyone." great. good work TASR. any stock splits in the works? :D

    i'm sure all companies understand the inherent risk in drawing attention to yourself, but when your particular product is designed to provide a sub-leathal blow, well, i'd think you'd understand your probability of negative exposure is greater than most.

    but i guess that's just another reason why i don't own/run TASR :D

    take care :)


    BTW: in their own words ... (
    oops :eek:
  8. Chagi


    I personally think that TASR could be a buy at some point, but unless I see a really nice chart set-up, I wouldn't consider buying until the fundamentals start to turn around....

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