Any comments on AMD?

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  1. I bought this at $14, sold at $18 then bought back at $18 and sold at $21.

    I think Wall Street is finally taking a liking to the stock. Opinions?
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    AMD is doing very nicely in the desktop and server markets, particularly the desktop enthusiast (i.e. gamer) category. They are gradually capturing marketshare from Intel over time, as well as offering very strong products.

    Another important thing is that AMD has traditionally competed with Intel primarily on price - they were constantly undercutting Intel's offerings on a price/performance basis. This is now changing significantly in that AMD is now starting to succesfully ship product in the higher price (fatter margin) categories, with some new products even coming in more expensive than the similar Intel chips (an example of this was the introduction of the AMD Athlon X2 dual core chips).

    The two weaknesses that I see with AMD right now are their flash business and their mobile business. Intel is currently kicking the snot out of AMD with their "Centrino" markitechture branding, and the mobile sector is an area of high growth, notebooks have moved down from being a business-only product to being mass market devices.
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    I accidentally bought 400 shares at 21.775 and I have to wait until at least tomorrow before I can sell it. At least its not on margin.

    Anybody think they know where this stock is headed?
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    How the hell can you buy a share if you don't where you exit price will be:confused:
  6. fantastic entry right here, like INTC
    eod- rally with the beginning of nov.
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    funny thing is that im up 110 unrealized in AMD by luck...hehe
  8. Bought some at 21.37 the other day.
  9. =============
    Huge number of sellers got out @21 eod recently;
    so that favors the bulls now .

    QQQQ tek sector = strong uptrends by most measures;
    semisector =strong uptrends by most measures.

    Price action seemed to favor China deal.

    AMD has also however lost $5.86 one week this year;
    in Jan, weekly hi to low.:cool:
  10. good fundamentals,

    long term buy, perhaps?
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