Any CMTs here?

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  1. Hi,

    I m going to take the CMT (Chartered Market Technician) level three exam in a few weeks.

    The level three exam is all essay.

    Has anyone on ET taken it? If so, can you let me know what to expect?

    According to the website, there isn’t really any new material on level 3, just application of what was on 1 and 2, and if that is the case I don't need to study because I know that stuff cold.

    On the other hand, I heard someone say it was really hard, so I’m not sure how to focus my effort.

  2. The only people who take the CMT "credential" seriously are other CMT's? :cool:
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    says the guy with over 5900+ posts.
  4. Oh Exalted One, please tell me about the last time a CMT put money in your pocket. I can wait...............(crickets chirping) :cool:
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    I've actually completed my Level 1 CMT but I have seen the analytical skills of the actual CMTs. The analysis that they do is 5x better than any T/A you will see on

    All I'm saying is do not discount the CMT. It requires work in-order to complete like any other designation.The people who have it are pretty knowledgeable about the markets -- (no surprise).. it's a new designation and it has it's place as much as people think technical analysis is silly.
    Infact most CMTs also have their CFAs.

    Again it depends what your field of work is. It's something good to do in your free time IMHO.

    I have also heard it is quite hard.
    Go to the official CMT forum on MTA.ORG.. It's kinda hard to find the link to the forum but some people discuss it there (supposetely the computer system is really messed up so make sure you read what that poster says so you don't end up doign the same mistake as him)
  6. 1)'re quick. You edited the value of CMT's from "1000x" down to "5x". What happened there? :confused:
    2) It may bode well for the prestige of the CMT designation if lots and lots of CFA's have it also. Then again, sometimes it seems that having initials after your last name just doesn't seem as "special" as it once did. It's similar to people who have "MBA" after their last name on their business card. Who doesn't have an MBA in today's environment? :cool:
  7. I`m a MTA member and have 1 and 2.
  8. I have done all levels. PM me if you need help.

    BTW about the usefulness of it, I'll keep quite :D