Any CME/CBOT Floor Members Here?

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  1. Was wondering if anyone could give a floor tour this week or next to a young, aspiring trader? Always wanted to get onto the floor to see the futures pit trading (before it dies down too much). When I get to and out of college, they'll probably be gone by then.

    I am willing to pay a nominal amount (although that is probably against exchange rules, not sure on that).
  2. one of the alum from my college works at the CBOT and gave me a personal tour of both floors in action. Doubt she would do it for a non VU student/alum
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    My friend on the floor also will not give you a tour.
    Maybe others can leave a message saying they will not give you a tour.
  4. I just contacted her and shes just far too busy.

    Just stand outside the exchange and when traders go to lunch as for a business card or contact that can help you out. After 9/11 the CME/CBOT & CBOE are all on lock down.

    I am setting up your non-tour as we speak. Please be patient.
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    Thanks, I can't wait for my non-tour of the non-trading pits.
  6. Sign up to be a customer at , Ben usually will accomodate his customers for a visit of the S&P pit.
  7. I was thinking about it, I could give you a personal tour of the NASDAQ pits myself.
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    Make sure you point out to me the chalkboards where they write the latest prices.
  9. Yeah things have changed a lot, now the illegals do all the chalkboard writing for a day for $5. Who needs English when you write numbers all day long!
  10. OP,

    PM me to see if we can set one up for this week (preferably Wednesday if you're available).
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