any chinese members on this board ???

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by sabena, May 13, 2002.

  1. sabena


    Hey ,

    I am from China, Beijing, and would like to come in contact
    with chinese traders....

  2. JamesMiao


    Hi fang,

    I'm from Taiwan and living in Columbus Ohio for 20 years. I've been a full time stock trader for 2 years with Bright and became the manager of the new Columbus office last month.

    James Miao
  3. Fang...
    You are currently living AND trading in China? What can you trade? How do you trade? What firm do you use? How do you get paid? How do you convert the currency? Do you keep it all? Can you trade the US markets?
  4. How does a guy living in a communist country do this?
  5. I thought Sabena was a swiss loudmouth?

    Now he is a chinese guy new to the site???
  6. I sort of remember that too ...
  7. Yes he's supposed to be from somewhere in Belgium, and about to take on Larry Williams record trading the ES....
  8. No he is an idiot residing in (fill in your favorite location) who likes to troll the boards for his perverse pleasure.
  9. I'm originally from NanJing
  10. skerbitz


    'You are currently living AND trading in China?


    What can you trade?

    Most US brokers accept foreign accounts.

    How do you trade?

    As well as I can :D

    How do you get paid?

    There is no restriction of sending money to China, just bring it out.

    How do you convert the currency?

    At the local bank.

    Do you keep it all?

    As much as I can :D

    Can you trade the US markets?'


    Biggest problem trading from China is opening a bank account outside the country (Hong Kong is OK) to fund the account initially and the trading hours (now exactly 12 hours difference from NY time) and a fairly minor issue is lag time for the intenet (0.5 seconds around the planet and back :) not a problem unless you scalp or arb (I don't)

    Doin just fine here actually.


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