Any chess players here?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Trapper, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Trapper


    Hey guys,

    Anyone want to hook up for an online chess game? I am an average player but would like to hook up with other players who also love the markets.

    Best regards,

  2. I play on kurnik all the time, not very good at it at all but like to keep my fingers busy with something else at times.
  3. i play in it's good and free :D
  4. always found it rather odd that outstanding chess players (master/gms) rarely are associated with markets.

    You would think kasparov would try his hand at the markets rather than politics.

    Makes one wonder about the true nature of intellectual strategies (vs. say inside information) as an edge in the markets.
  5. C- kid

    C- kid

    I would be up for a game

    but computer is way more challenging,

    as a kid I was a champion in my district

    after that, district was destroyed by enemy bombers

    funny but not a joke :D
  6. Personally I view information (news, catalysts, etc) as moves on a chess board via pieces. Oth, I view the opponents as poker players. If a news item is a pawn (or whatever value I place on the item), how will others (particularily institutions) play that move, check, raise, etc.
  7. Poker is a far closer equivalent, yet have you ever heard of any professional poker player parlay (say that ten times fast) his or her talents into the markets? The only one I've heard that trades as well is Chris Ferguson and I'm sure he hasn't given up his day job.
  8. Trapper


    I play at Internet chess club, and free internet chess server but will play at any server. Let me know if anyone one wants to set up a game and I will give someone a confidence boost.:)

    Best regards,

  9. I'm in !!

    How can we play ? :D
  10. Hi Trapper,

    I would be open to a game of online chess. I usually play against my Radio Shack 1650 computer chess game but welcome the opportunity to play against someone else who loves the markets and chess.

    :) Maverick
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