Any chat room has good track Record ?

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  1. I am looking for some paid chat room that gives real time Buy/Sell signals in e mini futures ( ES, YM, TF, NQ ) & ETFs and has a good track record.

    Can someone who knows or has tried such services, please post the names & contact info ?

    Thank You.
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  3. aside from those who may promote their wares above and below, there is unlikely any that seriously works.
  4. emg


    ES Journal (Elite site)
  5. LeeD


    What is "track record" of a chat room? It's not like it has its own profit and loss...

    I agree ES Journal has some very good posts.
  6. Do they post trades as soon as they enter with stops & exit points "

    I wouldn't mind sharing my profit with them if they give me the trades in real time.
  7. Johan


    Ok daytradingradio is the best site you can go to for learning on how to trade, and making money. He know his stuff, he posts all the trades he is entering up to the second so you can join, he has a history of his performance. Thinking you guys probably need, you guys are all failed traders anyways. Much better than es journal or whatever you guys are talking about.
  8. this your site? Seems like a questionable claim being made here
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    Not my site a member of the site
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    I've been a member there too. It's cheap,was 25 bucks a month. The calls were decent, but at the end of the day I didn't find them much more useful than any other free forum or chat room. I wouldn't go so far as to say their portfolios are a lie, but I would say they're a bit exaggerated.
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