any "chat-minded" dax/esx traders out there?

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  1. During US hours the elitetrader chatroom is pretty active with es/nq and stock traders.

    We might get something going for european traders during the morning over there. Just exchanging current, "live" views of the market and possibly posting your entries and exits..

    Might be a good learning experience.. For me I am still in the beginning of the learning curve..

    If interested, just click on the chat button on top of this website.

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    Would do the chat too...I have dropped in a number of times just to see if anyone was around.

    But I'm not trading dax/estx right now though, so I am around during US mkt hours only.
  3. Great idea. I'm trading the DAX and would be very interested in exchanging ideas.
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    Try these:

    The above may require you to register but it's free. You may get a front page stating "Error"...ignore it and click on "European Futures" at top of front page (assuming here that you are not taken direct to forum but dumped on front page)


    There is a UK site called Tech. Traders that are heavily into TA and trading, including the Dax. I'm not sure how you access their site so I will ask the moderator to email you, or post a message on this board.

  5. I've been interested in trading the DAX and would be open to hearing more if others have suggestions/comments.

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    Here is a site with links to and Paltalk chatroom (Free) for Dax and Eurostoxx traders. US markets covered too.

    The link is a discussion of using free software to trade a CCI led trading style.

    Happy New Year

  8. What is a good, but inexpensive charting platform for the dax?
    I've opened an IB account (mistake?), but they dont seem to have a charting package for it.

    Where can I go to learn more about trading the DAX? I only speak english so the german sites wont work for me.
  9. What are the best trading hours for the dax? for example the us market is open 930 to 400. what would be the prime hours for the dax in cet?

    How much is each tick worth? In US currency?
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    Trader 963

    Try :

    You may need to register..Free

    Ignore the error message and click on "European Futures" will see several threads on the Dax...the active trading thread has the newest date...HelenQ and Austin etc regularly trade there.

    Dont forget the above links to "Talkstoxx" for dax and Eurostoxx...

    Another UK traders site where you can ask questions:

    Hope this helps
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