Any charting tools that rotate 90%?

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    It seems to me looking at a stock price chart, where time is the X axis, can be intuitively misleading... because the lizard part of our brain starts seeing patterns that shouldn't exist. It's extremely tempting to start assuming physical forces: "falling" (as in gravity), "momentum".

    I think it may be more insightful looking at a chart where time is the Y axis. The stock chart is crawling down, swinging left/right. To me, it'd look more like a stream flowing down hill... and that's probably a more appropriate description of the random process behind the movements.
  2. why don't you just snapshot an image and rotate it in a screen-capture program? If you see any merit, you can easily swap the x-y axis in any plotting program (bars/candles are a bit more sophisticated).

    There are other ways to display data that might be useful, but I don't see any additional benefit to what you are suggesting.
  3. I agree its probably very beneficial to see it from another perspective but there is absolutely a different persona from each side.
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    Turn the monitor on its side?

  5. Why don't you just rotate your monitor?
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    I just pivoted my 22" widescreen like you said. The chart looks like a river running downstream toward me, like "time is a river" analogies... damn it, there is that reference to the physical again! We might not be able to get away from it though. If you're right handed you might favor (subconsciously) moves in that direction, the "right direction" as opposed to the wrong (left) direction. Most of us have a dominant eye too. Who knows how much any of this skews our judgement. But then again that's what trading is all about right?, making the corrections & adaptations in ourselves to be more "in tune" with the market.

    At least with a chart flowing like a river, "gravity" is a constant pull on the flow of time -not price, & the pivot points look like they might be boulders diverting the path of the flow left or right.

    Hey call it VC: "Vertical Charts" or "River Charts". Code it & make some $. Nothing wrong with selling good pick axes to us miners.

    Workin the mouse is a bitch though!

  7. I do believe in the new excel/enterprise version (i`m on 2003 still...old dogs, you know) you can create 3d charts with different angles.
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    There was a poster on here some time ago who had charts set up as you describe. I'll see if I can find the thread. I think it was the same chap who put up the password protected PDF files...

    Yes, it was nysestocks who had the "Why Is The Obvious Not So Obvious?" thread.
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    Here it is - fifth post from the top
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    That's what it seems like to me.

    When I look at a soaring price chart in the normal orientation, I can't get away from the feeling that a high price must "fall". It's that lizard brain interpretation of gravity/balance. But looking at a stream flowing down hill, I don't have the feeling "oh it's too far to the right". Averaging down is intuitively appealing to the same lizard brain... but "averaging left" isn't!

    From a statistical point of view, where you have very weak memory/mean reversion, and log-normally distributed movements, this just seems to make sense.
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