Any charting software to replay bars one by one with keyboard stroke?

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  1. I tried Ensign's replay function, essentially you load the tick data and it replay the whole day's price movement automatically, and you can adjust the replay speed. I think Neoticker's replay does the same thing.

    But I want another kind of replay, which I control the play by stroking the keyboard. For example, on a 10-minute candletick chart, if I push the enter key, the first bar shows, I push again, the second bar shows, ...., so on, if I don't push the enter key, the chart just stay there. This way when I do simulated trading using replay, I can have more time thinking on critical technical spots and pass those unimportant bars quickly.

    Anyone knows of such kind of software? Thanks.
  2. You spend altogether too mch time stroking the keyboard!
  3. Is this a joke? :p
  4. Amibroker has this function via 'bar replay'
  5. Fibonacci Trader allows bar x bar by using the space bar.

  6. Advanced GET - 'Training Mode'
  7. Wave59 has this feature that is great for building one's intuitive responces.
  8. This kind of replay is truely good for building intuition. I used to plot each candlestick on grid papers, but it's too time consuming. I feel weird most softwares don't have this function. Should be pretty easy to add.
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    You should not have any issue using Ensign Windows to perform what you need. Ensign allows you to control the bar by bar play by using the keyboard left/right arrow key.
    Go to Setup > select Charts > and on the Chart Tab (first tab) you can input the number of bar shift when using your left/right arrow keys. Make sure on Keyboard Tab you have it configured to use the left/right arrow keys for shifting chart as well.
    Hope this helps to solve what you need.
  10. lcw,

    You are making it too easy! You can do this with Sierra Chart too :)
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