Any charting program similar to eSignal?

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  1. any program that is similar?
    i want multi charts and fibonacci...

    i was trying to use IB's chart but when i try to scroll down the charts it just freeze and saying "loading" and have to wait about 2 min to get the data

    do you think esignal has the best charts?
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    I used Esignal...loved it. No problems, worth the money.
  3. In IB TWS configuration/api/settings turn on acitivex and socket clients then download your choice of the free versions of or and use the free IB realtime datafeed and history. Monthly saving $129 plus exchange fees.
  4. I love it and it is worth the money but i am still new to trading and want to cut some cost
  5. thanks let me try it out with ninja, i have that install already in my computer
  6. Multicharts is easier to set up imho.
  7. i use the charts in das trader pro. you can put in your own trend lines. the chart functionality is actually pretty extensive if you look into it
  8. ya had some problem doing it now with the ninja, keep pop up my IB station for some reason @.@...

    downloading MultiCharts Discretionary Trade and see how it goes
  9. what is das trader pro?
    it is a a software?
  10. yeah, it's a trading platform, like sterling, but better imo. you can get a demo at their website,
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