Any chart package that allows multiple simultaneous data vendors?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by snackly, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. snackly


    I want to load a chart of an instrument from two data vendors. So for example MSFT from IB's feed and MSFT from ESignal, as an example.

    Same app, same chart style, same symbol, just different feeds going into each chart.

    Any app out there that can do this?
  2. Yes QT can do this.

    Open up a second portfolio window (say MSFT is in the first port) and change the data vendor in the Top Panel of the second port.

    You can have 100 ports, with 100 diff vendors if you please.
  3. Tums


    Many charting software can do it now. But most of them allow different symbols on separate charts. MultiCharts allows you to have mulitple symbols, from multiple data vendor, in multiple resolutions (tick, min, volume bar, etc.) in the same chart.
  4. It's not a bad idea.

    I run the same instruement(s) using different charts from different data vendors.

    One charting package and data feed has exactly what I want in terms of charting and streaming data, the other (much simpler) package is a direct link to my broker and insures that everything is running in-synch.

    Good trading.
  5. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    sounds like multicharts may have the most advanced approach to multiple data feeds. i know Sierra also allows multiple feeds.

  6. snackly


    I'm pretty impressed with MultiCharts. Only downside is that all windows exist within an MDI interface and can't be put on opposite sides of a desktop, say on a huge multimonitor setup. That's a shame but I can live with it.
  7. Aok


    Unless Im misunderstanding you Snackly, sure you can.

    Open as many chart windows as you like or your computer resources can handle then you detach the chart from the workspace, drag it to whichever monitor in your set up, anchor it there and presto.

    You could also open another MC session if you need the workspace for some reason.
  8. Tums


    Click on this button to detach the chart from the Window. You can then drag the chart to any monitor you like.

    <img src="">
  9. snackly


    Bummer that it doesn't work with MB Trading.
  10. saatfj


    I am testing Multicharts with their 30 day free trial... so far I'm very impressed. I have used Tradestation but not very much fond of their fees specially for Radar screen.
    Is there something Tradestation can do that Multicharts can not do?
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