Any chart for crack spread?

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    Where can I get a chart for the gasoil crack spread? I can't find one anywhere and I don't think my trading platform supports it unless I have the symbol wrong. Whats the symbol?
  2. DTN PROPHET X from DTN is superb for all kinds of charting.

    It's a pricey package but great for professional traders.
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  5. This one seems to work Good post. Easier to divide by 7.45 though fella!?! :) And generally do Feb to Feb rather than Jan / Feb?

    There is an actual traded contract on ICE which is chartable, but it won't be on any old charting package - You'll have to purchase something like eSignal or CQG with an ICE data feed.

    Also I should point out that Gas Oil settles at 4.30pm UK time, and Brent settles at 7.30pm so that will skew the chart somewhat so I wouldn't use that chart to trade. It's a good guide though. Sorry, just being anal!
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    Right! My charting package doesn't allow division so I get used to the work around...

    indeed on the 1! to 1!... needs 2! to 1! until jan gasoil goes off the board..

    thnx for the nitpicking :)
  7. You're most welcome kind sir! It's one of the few pleasures in life!! ha ha ha

  8. I've read a lot about CQG, it seems to get good reviews here although at over $600 a month I'd like to think it was good. I have Tradestation at present and trade the e mini YM and am looking at trading the Bund and BOBL in the near future.

    Tradestation hasnt given me any major problems but the customer service is hopeless and, from what I read here, its not the fastest either when compared to something like CQG. As I increase contract size I imagine execution speed is going to be more of an issue.

    Is the extra cost worth it compared to TS? I trade over 50 contracts a day and hope to increase that at some point.
  9. I've not had much experience of TS so I can't really say.

    As for a comparison between CQG and eSignal - they both do the same thing, and the data is good on both. I also don't trade from a charting package - I have a seperate trading application so can't comment on that. I steer towards CQG - if only because it just seems to be put together better, I can't describe it. It just feels 'nicer' to use and is smoover round the edges. It looks brand new, whereas eSignal looks 'old' - If that makes sense. Saying that, the company covers paying for any stuff we need out of our overheads so cost isn't so much of an issue. If I had to pay personally then I'm not sure the 'nicer' feel CQG has would warrant the extra £100 or so a month. I can see why people think it's overpriced.
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