Any chances for a newbie,

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    I am looking for a job as a junior trader, but my resume looks pretty ugly,
    High school education from Korea,
    Been in the US for 2 years, one year in college then dropped out, started trading since then
    No work permission but I do have social security number, F-1 visa valid until 2005 though.
    Losing money in the first 6 trading months, but consistantly making profit in the last 3 months.

    I am looking for a job in any prop trading firm who willing to give me just one shot, I have 10k to put up. Any chance for a guy like me ?
    Just bashing me like garbage, because I am indeed just garbage, for now.
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    If you are looking to trade at a prop firm, and are putting up capital, it's not a 'job'. You are essentially opening an account at a broker that will give you lots of leverage and maybe some training.

    The requirements are that you can read well enough to complete the paperwork, can sign your name, and that you send them the money.
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    If you are willing to put up capital, almost any firm will take you. It just becomes a matter of what firm you want to work for. Do some research on this forum regarding the various firms out there, visit some of these firms and determine where you best fit in. Good luck.
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    You will need to pass Series 7 certification at Echo, I am not sure if any other firm recquires that as well.
  6. ALL PROP FIRMS REQUIRE YOU TO PASS THE SERIES7. If you don't want to study, go to a retail brokerage and trade there.

  7. There are many Koreans who are in this industry. I've gotten to know quite a few. Koreans seem to stick together and help each other out a bit more than your average folk. You should try to network and meet some of those guys. If you want, I can pass your name to a couple guys who work several rows across from me.

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    I really appreciate those info,
    Now I will do the next step which is contact Worldco.
    There are a few folks here don't like Worldco and have been bashing them in this board, but I heard one thing, which I like the most, it sounds like a sparkling star in the dark sky for a poor guy which is they give the opportunity for people to prove himself. They will not have to regret about that because I have been making money in the market consistently in the last 3 months, just need more money to trade, like leverage or the firm's cap.
  9. not sure how far you can get with an f-1 visa. i don't think you are allowed to seek full time employment during your status as student.

  10. If you don't want to risk your Green Card in the future, you have no chance...

    What's after 2005, illegal trader????

    Taking the series 7 test and the registration will get you exposed and you'll be in bigger trouble than before...

    If you want to take the risk then go right ahead, it's your life.

    If not go back to college and do what you are legally required to do...

    Personally, I think you're looking at trading as an easy way to get you out of school and all the legal obligations.

    Stay in school and finish what you have to. Go into an institution (Big or Small) which gives you a H-1 visa or would sponsor you for a Green Card.

    You call yourself a newbie... it looks like you don't have the initial motivation to study on your own anyways... If you really had desire, you would study on your own before you even look into going to a firm and expect them to teach you....

    Critical points but I wouldn't recommend you to risk your life in this country for a job you have no desire in...
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