Any chance a poker player can get a job at a prop shop without a college degree?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by aaaaaaaa, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Are there any reputable prop shops that will give a poker player a interview/job even if they only have a GED? I know it obv depends on the resume but just assume i have a pretty good one, which i think i do. By "good" i just mean its well written and explains why i'd be a good candidate for the job well. Obv a resume with just a GED isnt v good. Im just trying to decide if its a efficient use of my time to research every prop firm, send resumes to them , and then travel from boston to NYC to do interviews.

    I assume a few of you here work or have worked at prop shops and interviewed at a bunch. So if you know something about the likelihood of me getting a job at one i'd appreciate it.
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    If your looking for a Prop shop without deposit, it will be hard to find one that will hire you without a college degree and no trading experience. If your looking for one where your money is 1st loss, and you pay for training, they should not have an issue with your education.

    Good luck.........Bob
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    do you mean the prop desk of a bank?
  4. i traded for one of the worlds largest option traders in a room full of mensa members and i was self taught past the 9th grade. so yea i would hire a gambler if he's good over a (privileged) white coat any day. m
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    Blair hull was asked to leave vegas for card counting,send them your res
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    Are you a profitable poker player?
    How long playing?
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    Prop desk.
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    Yes. About 8 yrs .
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    why even bother with trading if your making money ?

    Is poker profitable enough for you or a grind to make a living ?

    get licensed & join a prop firm is what i would encourage to anyone that wants to trade

    better yet open a retail account if your just starting to learn & want to see if trading is a fit

    there is no easy path in learning how to trade , most learn on their own

    getting hired to trade firm's capital as a employee is tougher then ever
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    I live in the states an they banned online poker 8 months ago
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