Any brokers using quote/recv order servers located in West Coast?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Eastboy, Oct 31, 2001.

  1. Eastboy


    I would like to know if any brokers are using quote servers that are physically located at the West Coast.

    Realtick has a couple of quote servers but I'm not sure if any is located in the west coast.

    If I use a quote server located at the East coast, my ping goes up an additional 70-80ms.

    I am trying to achieve better ping times.

  2. ajax_g


    I am sorry I can not answer your question but could you tell me how I could send a ping?

    I hear people talking about "ping" all the time but I never had the opportunity to learn more about it. Can you explain how to send pings?

    I hope this has nothing to do with dos command "tracert..."

  3. Turok


    I ping TalTrade (realtick) continiously during the trading day and average ping times of 60ms. I'm in San Diego and their servers are in Chicago I believe. I have been unable to find another data supplier with ping times this low and I've tried pretty much all of them.

    The easiest way to ping is to download a Windows ulility such as "ping plotter" from the internet. Then it is brain dead easy to keep track of your connection during the trading day.

  4. Eastboy


    Thank you, Turok for your useful feedback. :)
  5. ajax_g


    Thanks Turok from me too.
  6. LelandC



    I generally ping talrade at 20ms. Although I am much closer to Chicago then you as I live in Michigan. Just in case anyone cares (LOL)...

  7. DaveN



    If you get no responses re: servers which are closer to you, the following might be an option as well: Trying different Internet Service Providers can be very beneficial.

    Large variations in ping times result from the different gateways and subsequent routings that each ISP will have to get you to that same server on the East Coast. Some can be noticeably faster than others. I've read that Earthlink seems to be very good in this regard.

    Something like PingPlotter will show you the "hops" or number of servers that your ping hits before it reaches it's final destination. Check out the freeware version at

    I don't know if you are on a broadband connection or a dial up. The dial ups will have more of a choice for ISPs, and in some cases, I've heard of traders getting better ping times on a dialup connection.

    On my broadband connection, my ping times to servers all run around 40-60ms whether East or West Coast (from Denver). LelandC, the 20ms is smokin'!
  8. When I first got my satellite setup I did a ping to taltrade in breathless anticipation of astounding results. Average 900ms.:D
  9. Turok


    >When I first got my satellite setup I did a ping
    >to taltrade in breathless anticipation of astounding
    >results. Average 900ms

    Yep. Sats suck latency wise and there isn't anything that can be done 'bout it (without of course violating the laws of physics).

  10. ajax_g


    What is considered to be fast/good run around time time for day trading?

    Is 60ms a good one?

    What would be the slowest run around time for daytrading? 200ms? more? less?

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