Any Brokers offer multiple logins?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tuna, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. tuna


    Anyone know of any brokers that offer multiple logins to the same account?..does IB allow it?
    Say you have 2 people,form a joint account,but both wish to be able to trade that account at the same time.
  2. DT-waw


    I think IB allow multiple logins. You have to open TWS twice. Thats really nice!

    sorry i didn't read your post carefully. to the same account... i dont know.
  3. With Cyber you could manage until 9 account at the same time with one instance of their trading software.
  4. I've tried to log into the same IB account from 2 computers at once. It didn't work.

    If you have multiple IB accts you can log into all of them from the same CPU.
  5. Most brokers will allow you to trade multiple accounts with one log-in, and incidentally, one set of data/sw fees. I'm not aware of any who will allow multiple logins for the same account. That is such an obvious secuity exposure, they no doubt would be dubious of it.
  6. Are you able to do multiple logins to an account from the same CPU?
  7. I don't think so...I would imagine the broker detects how many users are logged in to the account and caps that number at one, not that they track where those logins are coming from.

    I'd try it with IB, but I don't want to risk crashing TWS during market hours...
  8. The reason I ask is because with a Thinkorswim account I am able to do multiple logins for the same account from the same computer. But, where I am today I am not able to try it from multiple computers. I am pretty sure since I can do multiple logins from the same computer that I could also from different computers. I was hoping you could try multiple logins to IB from the same computer.

  9. IB have already answered at this question on their website forum, and yes you can do mulitple login with different accounts on the same CPU (but not mulitple login with the same account). I think that the next version should support mulitple login with the same instance and it will not be required to start multiple TWS. I don't know how eSignal will manage multiple IB accounts inside the next release in july...
  10. lescor


    Sterling Trader allows it. Don't know who else besides Echotrade uses them.

    It's handy to be able to have everything open on two computers at once. If one goes down, you can turn to the other one without having to reboot.
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