Any BrainWave Generator users ?

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  1. Considering trying BWGen and want to know if there are any 'out-of-the- box' sounds/recordings you find useful to your trading.

    When do you use BWGen, before/after/during trading ?
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    Is this a sound and light machine, or just a sound machine? If it's the latter you should consider spending some extra bucks and getting the former. Most of the "entrainment", the synchronization of your brainwaves to the "pulses" of the machine, come from light, and very little from sound. (This is if you accept that entrainment happens at all, which is certainly still up in the air.) I got interested in these machines a few years ago when I had chronic back pain and I was simply looking for a tool, w/o drugs, to help me achieve deep relaxation. I used a machine that had goggles and headphones, w/lights and binaural beats, that also allowed you to play a hypnosis or relaxation tape thru them at the same time. This combination gave me the best results and I was indeed able to achieve deep states of profound relaxation. Now I don't know if it was the tapes, or the S&L machine, or the combination, or if it was just lying still for an hour and relaxing everyday w/regular practice, that enabled that state, but after a while it did work quite well for me and that relaxation did have an overall cumulative effect that considerably allevied my pain. Just Google for Sound & Light machines and you should find some at reasonable prices. The best relaxation tapes are the NLP tapes that play different stories in each ear, overloading the conscious mind, supposedly to put one in a relaxed, hypnotic state. The HPP tapes by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman worked well for me.

    Of course many will pooh-pooh this "brainwave" stuff as just so much "new-age" malarkey, and they may well be right, but I do believe there is something to it. For me the most profound experience of this kind was when I floated in an isolation tank. I lived in NYC at the time and there were several places where one could pay about $50 an hour to "float". I don't know about the S&L machines for achieving profound relaxation and "deeper consciousness", but I can tell you the theory is valid, because floating works, it was one of the most amazing, intense experiences I've ever had, it was only thing that ever gave me a true "natural high". And I mean high, baby! The theory of the float tank is that there is part of your brain called the "RAS", the "reticular activating system", which controls the sensory input we get from the outside world. In the tank, your sensory stimulation is reduced to next to nothing, no light, no sound, and no physical sensation other than floating in the water, so your RAS turns up full tilt to try to take in any stimulation it can. This turns you inward, into your mind, after about 15 mins I became so relaxed my physical body pretty much seemed to completely disappear, I was all "mind", "thought". It's an incredibly beautiful feeling. And it persists long after you leave the tank. On the way home after that first time, colors and sounds were so sharp and intense it was like I was on LSD, but instead of speeding, all tensed up, I was completely relaxed and at ease. This feeling lasted for several days afterwards. My back never felt so good, I never felt so calm, or creative, or at peace. I floated once a wk for a couple months afterwards and it had a significant impact on my life and my health. The sessions on my S&L machine became much more intense, much like the tank. And I would relax so deeply while sleeping that I felt as if my body were liquid, and I started having "lucid dreams", where one is aware one is dreaming and can pretty much do anything w/in the dream because you're aware and in control. Those dream experiences were truly profound. Unfortunately I moved shortly after that and there are no public float tanks where I live now. I plan to buy a home float tank as soon as I can afford it (they're very expensive).

    Anyway, sorry if I've babbled, but for relaxation & creativity, which can aid anyone in any endeavor, including trading, I do think this is worth pursuing for those w/an open mind who believe in the mind/body connection. A relaxed mind creates a relaxed body which in turn relaxes the mind even more, alleviating tension and anxiety and opening oneself up to profound creative states.

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  4. I use a DAVID Pal L&S machine. Excellent quality unit.

    They have a patent on the eye goggles and are very unique.The white light is far superior to other units using LED's. As well the independent field stimulation of the eyes.

    Also, read the research papers detailing the clinical studies they have done. Interesting info.
  5. Yes, the white light goggles are definitely superior.
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    I can only recommend to check out

    I am using many CDs from them regularly & they offer a unique experience. Still my fav is the Sacred Ground series. (4 week meditation "journey" to deep delta/theta levels) has also some nice programs you might want to consider.

    have a good time,
  7. I've downloaded some of the brainsync and hemisync from P2P... good stuff
  8. BrainWave Generator is a great product I been using it for about 2 should try Paraliminal cd(by learning strategies). Paraliminal--- "Para"= "beyond" and "Liminal"= "threshold" of conscious are some of the currently paraliminal cd I own.

    Deep Relaxation----help mind calms, stress diminishes, fatigue
    Prosperity---focus on what you desire.
    New Behavior Generator---change and generate behaviors you desire.(powerful stuff)

    paraliminal cd—use NLP, Suggestive-Accelerative Learning and Teaching (SALT) methodologies and hypnotic.

    hcour---made some great suggestion also. And is great also1

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