Any Bodybuilders on here? Or gym people?

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  1. Hey guys...

    Just wanted to know if there was any bodybuilders on here, or fitness an amateur bodybuilder and personal trainer/Diet consultant.

    Just curious :)
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    i'm growing muscles as i speak
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    I used to get in the gym several times a week. My body fat never got anywhere near low enough for competition (too many beers probably) but I had some descent mass. I was doing 295 on the bench, 405 dead lifts and 365 squats. Then I got married, took on more responsibility at work and turned 40. It's pretty much been downhill ever since.
    Now I get in the gym so infrequently the employees look at me like I'm new and have never been there before.
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  5. lol.....Nice bench though:)
  6. Yeah, I've been at it for a year, now. I'll be 48 in August. I try to do this workout every week. It's called a split workout, one day of Push and one day of Pull. Monday, Tuesday, break on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I also alternate a morning and an evening to get the max amount of recovery time between workouts.
  7. OMG... what a bunch of pussies. :D
  8. The tough part about the gym is working up the courage to keep walking through the front door. I've got an old friend from the past who showed up one day in January saying he hadn't come in for a year...and he could still bench 275 and bench over 300 on the vertical bench.

    Like me...I started out after fighting cancer for a year, had no muscle mass and had been on steroids to build up my immune system. Well, that little light clicked on...I thought, steroids, hmmm.

    But you need to check with your doctor, make sure you are eating right, etc. I haven't lost any weight since starting to work out; still weigh 230, which is the most I've ever weighed...steroids give you an appetite and add mass. But I found out the only thing steroids did for me in the muscle department was to give me the confidence to keep going through the front door of the gym. I have since learned you need supplemental protein and some other nutritional items as well as study and discussion with others about the best way to proceed. It is still a good hobby and it gets my mind off the market for a couple hours a day, usually.

  9. Glad to hear you're doing better... anabolic/androgenic steroids are essential in any treatment modality. rhGH is a fantastic addition to any gear regimen; protein supplementation is a must as well as you point out.

    Some advice; stay away from Nandrolone(Deca Durabolin) as it is incredibly suppressive to the HPTA. Test is not as suppressive, but is an aromatizing steroid and requires quite a bit of post-cycle recovery gear to manitain gains and lose the estrogenic-sides.

    There are some new "dry" methylated orals that are INCREDIBLE.
  10. Don't know that the GH is right for me, although you'd think from the e-mails it's the greatest thing since Viagra. I've heard test is only available by prescription? Therefore, I won't use it. Remember doing some reading about it. I'll have to say I'm not looking to build mass or great definition by using supplements, I'd be happy to lose some weight. But I'm going to have to lift a lot more this year to get close...I change my weights, on average, every three weeks. The protein is there to allow me to lift more.

    You can see there isn't any leg work except for the cardio, I also ride my bike when the urge hits me, for around 40 minutes a trip. My focus is just to trim this fat without using a supplement other than protein and creatin, along with different vitamins.

    I will check into the methylated orals you speak of if I can locate the references, just to familiarize myself with what they are used to accomplish. Thanks for taking the time to show me some of what you know.
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