Any body aware of Ed Seykota's book

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  1. vinchem


    In the book the NEW MARKET WIZARDS, there is a mention of a book called the Traders Window by Ed Seykota. Has it come out yet ?
  2. Actually, that's "Market Wizards", not "New...". According to Seykota's own website, no. It's still a work "in progress". After 16 years (since "Market Wizards" came out), I wouldn't hold your breath.

    However, apparently you'll find much of the content-to-be of "Trader's Window" in his voluminous FAQs, right there on the website.
  3. esmjb


    didnt seykota blow out his account 2 years ago?
  4. didnt seykota blow out his account 2 years ago?

    I think so since I heard he became an alcoholic

  5. vinchem


    I have no idea about his blowing out his account and becoming alchoholic. But whatever I have read of Seykota, and his interviews, make me feel it is hugely unlikely that something like this might have happenned. Also it is something like you can not bear to see your hero being discredited. So even if it is true, I shall refuse to believe it.
  6. Seykota lives a Polygamous, Swinger Type Lifestyle and is proud of it. It certainly is not the stuff of heroes. More like losers.

  7. anneX


    What exactly does ones bedroom antics have to do with how they trade?

  8. one must never combine "bedroom antics" with trading, miss anne.

  9. Traders Window was never published, if you go to Ed's home you can read it there.

    Ed's FAQ explains most of his trading beliefs.

    Ed seems to like "Hot Chicks". To me this seems rather normal.

    Apparently, Ed has declared bankruptcy twice. Big swingers like big risk.
  10. Bedroom antics?........Trading? There are "spreading" techniques applicable to each realm. Go to OR for more info. Ed has a goofy website with a lot of weird stuff. Check it out if you dare.
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