Any Blogs Run By Hedge Fund Managers?

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  1. I'm a newbie trader (under 2 years) and am looking for some insight in my trading decisions before I make them,

    Can anyone recommend a good website or blog run by Hedge Fund Managers?

    Please let me know!

  2. Search -- Hedgefundmanager Blogspot.

    I dont have the link on this machine.

    I've monitored him for perhaps 5 years and concluded thet he is worthy of inclusion in the 5-10 factors I consider each morning.

    At the time that he posts on market direction, he is often shown to be wrong by subsequent news however.


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    rev shark from thestreet and sharkinvesting seems good

    his return is over 100% over the past three years

  5. liulala


    actually 90%, close to 100%

    Sharkfolio Returns
    Sharkfolio 91.53%
    S&P 500 17.24%
    NASDAQ 18.54%
    Russell 2000 17.22%
    Since Inception: 11/23/04
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    also beat market this year

    Current YTD Returns

    Index %Gain/Loss
    Sharkfolio 2.06%
    S&P 500 -6.03%
    NASDAQ -6.85%
    Russell 2000 -4.43%

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