Any Blind Traders?

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  1. I've got a blind friend who's done quite well with stocks.Anyone know any other blind traders as I'd like to put my friend in touch.
  2. how does he/she do it?
  3. I don't know really.He's got a piece of kit that allows him to read web pages and just keeps support/resistance levels in his head.He's really interested in options so I thought if anyone knew any other blind traders perhaps they could suggest other pieces of kit he could use (plus mutual support of course).He used to be an accountant,so he has a good head for figures.
  4. When you have some handicap you develop other senses notably memory. And if he has a very good memory it doesn't astonish me. Of course I doubt he would be able to daytrade although not impossible using special equipments.

    BTW I have suggested a novel where a trader was a blind man maybe he can help me to write it :)

    "The beginning of my scenario at the moment is that one day the hero of the book meets another guy in a bar. This guy is rather old and unhappily a blind man. Before he became blind, due to a moto race accident - he loved speed too much - he was a trader. He is interested to find someone that will substitute to his eyes. He will play the role of a mentor - a mentor with a very bad character . It is him that will introduce the Mirror metaphor. He could then refer to your examples to explain the importance of introspection for trading. "

  5. yes, that can be very true. a problem or disadvantage can lead to developing a strength you may not otherwise have.

    take stephen hawking. he basically can't even really move, so he has focused on thinking deeply about things like the universe and is highly respected by many.
  6. you should PM Dr. Abogdan (username here is "abogdan"), he has a blind trader in his office that uses sounds to read the market. I'm sure he'll be glad to help you.

  7. That's strange.I asked about contacting Hollywood producers on Trade2win.I've got a basic outline for a film.They pay $5000 for the basic idea (one page of A4 say).This increases to $100,000 if they make it.(Obviously it has to be original,so you can't tell anyone about it).
    John's not a Market Wizard.I just wondered if there was any help/support available.
  8. Thanks 50 Cent.
  9. Maybe you can inspire from Linda Davies she was Futures Trader for a London Bank and became a novelist :)

    Nest of Vipers
    Sarah Jensen, a brilliant and beautiful foreign exchange dealer, becomes an undercover agent to investigate an apparently straightforward case of insider trading and gets caught up in a much wider international financial conspiracy affecting the operations of the central banks of the G7 nations, which imperils her life.

    Into the Fire
    A young derivatives trader suspected of fraud flees to Peru only to find herself facing much greater unknown and unexpected perils. The action ranges from the peaks of the banking world to the Andes, from the financial jungle of the City of London to the real, Amazonian jungle, and back again.

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