Any better prop firm in Canada?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ml123, Mar 5, 2007.

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    I'm a new trader. From this forum, seems like a lot traders left swifttrade after trade couple of months there. where they went? which firm has better commi / payout?
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    Title Trading has very low commisions and a high payout
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    Title Trading has very low commissions and a high payout
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  5. title has much higher commissions and fees than swift....but a higher payout (in the begining)......they pretty much balance each other out depending on your trading style.

    Once you have a profitable method do your homework and find out which offers YOU the best return....or look to see if there is a better offer out there than these two.

    bottom line though....Title trade's business plan is to "steal" swifttrade's traders by offering them a "perceived" better payout.....not by offering better "training" or any other benefit.

    if you cant make it at wont make it at title....and you wont make it anywhere else for that matter.
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    And the commissions and payout are ?
  7. Title trade has almost the same fees as swifttrade, If you compare it the way it should be done, you pay 13 cents per 1000 shares, at swifttrade you pay 13 cents per order. So if you are trading less than 1000 shares title trade is cheaper. If you are trading more than 1000 shares its more expensive but they do have a cap of maximum 39 cents. With the higher payouts you will always make more at title. The payout varies depending on your location in Canada.

    The big thing is thogh software reliability, Title Traders don't know what a sicky isbs are, system down etc, their system almost never goes down and if there are quote problems the software has algorthyms build in to prevent that from happening.

    Hope that helps. Start at swift and then move somewhere else.
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    i take it you're not at swift anymore?


  9. Isn't everybody???, I am not even at Title, just a brief stint there, doing futures now.

    I should change my nick then :) Futures99.

    But you never forget your first love no matter how bad it broke your heart. Your first trade, the first GBOL, etc etc. But then you realize you were young and stupid and it had to end sooner or later because there are better things out there. But I guess there are some people who do marrry their high school sweathearts and live happily ever after.
    To each own.

    Just setting the record straight, too much missinformation on here, specially by swift managers like madmummy.

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    well not everybody... ;)

    I've been @ swift over 3 years now...

    it's been quite the experience.

    u trading futures retail from home?

    I started dabbling in options on the side, down 30% in 2 months (I should really stick to day trading...)


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