Any better charting and trading software out there for alternative for esignal?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by killer007, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. I am using IB as my broker...

    is there any better software out there that is better than esignal?
    I need to use the software to trade instead of using IB's platform...
    cuz I don't like to use IB as trading...

    if there is better software, what are the fees for that trading software?
    I am paying about 200US for esignal a month, any cheaper and better options?
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    I would suggest NinjaTrader.

    Connect to IB for charting and analytics only - FREE
    Connect to IB for charting, analytics and live trading - $50 per month or $995 lifetime license
    Connect to IB for trading, but use a different data feed (to replace eSignal), we suggest Kinetick - Starts $50 per month
  3. ya i tried the free version
    cuz i am a fibonacci user and a lot of multi chart user like 50 to 60 charts...
    its kind of not too handy when i do open lots of charts and clicking the fibonacci button to re adjust the setting
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    I have used TradeMax for 3 years..
    It is very good. and the following is its features
    Track your trade
    Record various corporate events such as stock split, merge, spinoff, reinvested capital
    Auto-detect assigned, exercised and expired option, defer cost to corresponding shares
    Auto-identify 21-character new OIS option symbol
    Auto-convert the foreign transaction (Non-USD) into USD figures
    Download price history of securities for your comparing.
    Monitor your capital gain easily
    Setup and Combine different accounts to monitor your capital gains
    Filter items you don¡¯t want in Black list
    Run various reports (Up to 13) to monitor your capital gains and losses.
    Calculate various complicated Wash Sale scenarios accurately.
    Prepare schedule D
    Support importing trade data from most common-used brokers directly or the downloaded data in various formats.
    Use strict FIFO trade matching as a default method
    Force-Match specific trade transactions
    Assign short trade, convert short / long position
  5. Can TradeMax run chart report??

    If it can work it well , I will consider to take it.
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    Hey I have been using QUODD Equity Plus and the price is much better only about 75 per month. It has intraday that pins down prints from 9:30-4:00 with all studies
  8. it depends who you talk to get the software to do what you want, which is practically anything if you get someone really knowledgeable.

    it seems to me they cut the fat in their customer service center so there are veterans who are still on the desk. I have a 6 screen setup that links to redi which makes things so much easier.

    my esignal layout includes about 20 charts - 3 of the 233tick charts and the rest minute charts with various linking to news and time and sales windows, and it runs very very well surprisingly. they also set me up with excel linking without hassle.

    send me a private message and i can drop a name which i dont want to do on here.