Any Berlin (Germany) Traders?

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  1. Thinking of moving to Berlin for a year. Would like feed back from traders in Berlin. Is this a good idea... bad idea?
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    i am not from Berlin (italy) but as far as i know berlin is THE city in Europe right now...
  3. That's interesting. Why is Berlin so hot right now?
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    I used to live there for a few years...and LOVED it!
  5. Thanks Karol88, have done some research and Berlin seems a bit too laid back for me. Their motto: "Poor and Sexy" is not very appealing for a trader. Am now looking at Luxumbourg. If you have any thoughts on that country, let me know.
  6. I studied abroad in Berlin several years ago... it's a wild place.

    Now Luxembourg? Luxembourg is somewhere you go for the weekend, but wouldn't actually live there (if you live somewhere in Germany, France, surrounding area). It's really really expensive and is a tiny though densely populated country.

    If you want to meet new people and just have more fun, go to Berlin (western Berlin... there's still a noticeable difference). Berlin is also one of the cheapest cities in Germany.

    If I personally had to choose a Western European city to live in, it would have to be Vienna, Austria. It's the most beautiful city and the women are gorgeous.
  7. Thanks Monty! I never thought of Vienna. Since I love the opera, this could be an excellent choice.
  8. I thought about bringing this up again.....

    Any traders there? I might go there this winter, just curious if there are any traders there?
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  10. Try Munich. It's the "Anti-Berlin", but still cosmopolitan, lots of high quality dining and arts/culture events, very safe for a big city, good infrastructure. Mountains (alps) and lakes (Starnberg) are less than an hour away.

    Rents and cost of living are probably 50%+ higher than Berlin though.
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