Any aussie or kiwi traders here? Got a question..

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by 50 cent, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Any aussie or kiwi traders here? Please reply or PM me, I have a question regarding trading from aus/nz (especially the broadband issue)

  2. OddTrader, thanks, I don't want to just PM people out of nowhere, that's why I posted. I'll try to post a message on that incredible charts forum as well. I am looking into moving to spend time in australia and new zealand and have a few technical questions about trading from there (mainly about the internet connection thing).

  3. Australian Broadband News/ Forum

    Other than incrediblecharts forum, you may post (rather than PM) to the other hook up thread as well, as some posters from the thread (once receiving your post) might respond to your questions, I would guess. :confused:
  4. Yep I'll do that too. Talked to a few aussies but no kiwis emerged yet...
  5. i am an aussie trading minis , what do you need to know 50c . i'll help if i can

    ................... bris
  6. Are you in Brisbane? Same as Wallaby? I live in Boston, but hale from Brisbane originally. Will be stopping by next July - maybe we can arrange a get together with Brisbane traders?

    I am thinking of getting a laptop to bring over to see if I can trade while I am there. Should be able to get access to a cable network connection. - Rob.
  7. rcmcdougall i am up for it mate . i have cable here . yes i am in brisbane (gods country) , go the lions , maroons , reds and even the broncos. i'll pm you my email addy

    ........... cheers bris
  8. kiwi



    I am trading from New Zealand. We moved here in September for a year from our other home in Princeton NJ. (Wanted to get back in touch with kiwi life).

    Due to the time difference, I have decided to trade the opening 2 hours of the European market (ESTOX50 and BUND; about 8-11pm NZT) and the closing 2 hours of the US market (ES,YM, ZB; 8 - 10am NZT). I am also looking at the Euro currency futures that trade on CME. The nice thing about this is that I am done by 10am (local time) and get the rest of the day for other activities.

    Internet access is OK in NZ but I would not call it great. NZ telecom has a monopoly over the internet access and they parcel it out in stupid little packages that either cap the amount one can download or the speed. So you can get full DSL speed but have a 2Gb cap per month (you pay extra for each MB over that cap). Alternatively you can settle for a slower speed and a larger cap. I have decided to take the latter and it works fine for me. I havent had any problems running Esignal or IB.
    The internet access may change soon for the better as several companies are trying to get access to the NZ telecom backbone. Once we get more competition, we should see much better products.

    Feel free to PM me for more information or reply to this forum. I am also interested in chatting with other traders in this part of the world.

  9. Hi aussie and kiwi traders -

    I was reading some posts about ping times from down under, and would like to clarify this.

    Is there a problem with doing real time scalping on eminis from down under (using IB and eSignal)? Are the quotes and executions timely enough for scalping?

    I don't see why there should be a problem, but would like your opinion/experience anyway.

    Thanks for any opinion
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