Any attorneys?

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  1. Just found out that my phone company overcharging me by 12%.

    They provide a call details with individual charge and total but total is 12% higher than it should be.

    I went 5 month back and each bill has a hidden 12%


    call 5.00
    call 5.00
    call 90.00

    total 112.00

    I called customer service and of course this is the first time they ever heard about it. Than I googled company and found similar complains in the past.

    Can I do anything about it besides changing company?

    Thank you.
  2. Not an attorney...

    Get two more vicitims and have an attorney look into filing a class action claim.
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    who is your phone co ?
  4. BendOver Universal, it's a small regional provider.

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  6. thank you