Any archers on ET?

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  1. Just got a cheap ass recurve, for shits and giggles, and am now trying to figure out what the heck to do with it.
    I'll need a tab, glove, or something, a stringer, crap, I don't even have any arrows yet.

    A 50 pound takedown recurve, just a toy really, but any idea's on decent accessories may be valued.
    Why a cheapy recurve?
    Because I likely won't be hunting with it, a knockabout -who gives a shit-let's shoot some arrows at stuff bow, a learning thing, if you like.
  2. You could use it to rob the rich and give to the poor. :D
  3. Naw, Robbin hood is a myth, and no way I could manufacture a decent longbow myself.
    And sure as shit, If I took from the the rich, I'm keepin it.

    Haven't seen the movie yet, no doubt it will encourage a new generation of try hard kids to "make" a bow from decades seasoned staves, and make sinew and gut strings....not.
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    I had and did a little hunting with a compound bow back in the mid 80's. Eventually I traded it in on a .54 cal black powder rifle.

    I would have preferred a crossbow but the state I lived in at the time had some pretty lame crossbow hunting regulations.
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    I grew up with Archery. I had several compound bows but I don't own one now.

    My dad was into it heavily and amassed several "robin hoods", where one arrow is shot at a target from about 30 yards, and then a second one is shot and it rams itself into the shaft the first arrow. It's comparable to hole-in-one in golf.
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    Get ya

    Finger cups
    Arm guard
    A dozen aluminum arrows, with target tips (be mindful of the weight the lighter the better for your set up)
    Bees wax
    A target – Either a block, or 3D
    Quiver would also be useful

    Check the bow string for wear – replace if necessary
    Check the limbs for cracks before stringing – do not string it if you find any

    Use the bees wax to keep your string conditioned - rub it in with you figners using friction to melt the wax

    Being a recurve you can string it by placing the bow between your legs then breaking it over from behind your knee (be sure not to drive the bow into the ground when doing this)

    To simulate hunting from a stand (which I don’t) – stand on your roof and shoot down to your target – it’ll drive you neighbors nuts… especially if you’re in camouflage:eek: :D

    Make sure you have a safety back stop also

    I’ve taken deer, turkey and one coyote with mine

  7. If the stat holds with the normal percentage of homosexuals, then ET has roughly 10% (back) archers.

    Dr. Rennick Westheimer out:cool:
  8. Yes. Me and the Green Lantern stay quite busy...


  9. I haven't used a bow in nearly twenty years, did it at school until someone took a potshot at someone they hated and the whole idea was banned.

    The were the full fibreglass in lurid colours, lame really, but damn they were fun.
    I figure, I have a more fun version, (because it's in camo, my nephew likes it) only I have to re-learn ho to use it, and holy crap, the cost of arrows , and accessories is nothing short of retarded.

    Things have changed somewhat, in the interim.
  10. 10%? Didn't know you were such an optimist.

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