Any API add-ons for helping introducing/managing orders on the J-Trader platform ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Eddy, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. Eddy


    There are right now few programs available for the Interactive Brokers platform which are using the TWS API in order to speed up the introduction of complex OCA orders, allowing quick price changes for existing limit orders so that one may update easily its target, stop loss, or even trailing stop levels… (like Autotrader, Bracket Trader, Futures-trader, Trade Executor, etc…)

    I was wondering if there were any similar independent tools (ie not linked to a given brokerage firm) which would be available for people using the J-Trader PATS system platform ?

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  2. lundy


    along these lines, i was wondering if there was an api to the jtrader client.

    for example, i want to program within my backtesting software a script that pops up a jtrader buy or sell order ticket.
  3. Eddy


    you may check the following thread for more information about the J-trader API :
    However, since last September, there were on ET very few mentions of dedicated J-Trader API applications.
    I know that few brokerage firms are offering some home made interfaces (using the J-Trader API) to backtesting software. For example, ViperXcutor seems pretty much to fit your above requirements ( for more).
    However, I am looking on my side for some "freelance" programs which could be used whatever the brokerage firm providing you the J-Trader platform...