Any Angels or VC's on here?

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  1. I was just wondering because I'm an entrepreneur with a start up that needs $400,000 in send monies! I know most people on here are going to say something foul and tell me to head to LinkedIn but whatever...just checking! :)
  2. First, VC funding way down, second they are very picky, third they tend to favor things like new ideas/technologies (like alternative energies), fourth they often prefer existing but small ventures that already have a proven concept rather than a great new idea, fifth they usually prefer big names (like John who is CEO of firm ABC) behind the venture and sixth it would help if you were much more explicit in what it is you are venturing.

    If trading related, the only funding you may get might be clueless newbies...
  3. I'm a motivational speaker who is pushing a philosphy on achieving wealth through the accomplishment of goals. I know I will not be successful with investors now that is why I must finish the book that I am writing and it must sell over 50 million copies which it will.
  4. sheesh. it was a lot worse than I possibly imagined. Where do I send the millions you need? :confused:

    you come across as the exact opposite of this statement. An anonymous clueless speaker who is trolling for dollars by using a trading forum to accomplish this goal. The book is likely a delusional fantasy which will be lucky to sell 50 copies to your own friends and family.

  5. Hey I just want you to remember 1 thing:

    My name is Keith Jordan Clark have a great life!
  6. How can anyone forget? Clueless, delusional, misguided. Keith Jordan Clark - your personal fantasy on feet...
  7. I am motivated to ignore this thread! :D
  8. LMAO :D
  9. I don't think people need a book to teach them how to become wealthy. If they do buy the book, most of them will not become wealthy. They are just buying a dream and hoping and wishing they become wealthy with little to no effort on their part. To become wealthy, you need a great business idea to put to work, work hard, and hope you succeed.

    We have roughly 1 in 7 people in the U.S. on food stamps. Do you think these people will buy the book and then, voila, instant millionaires?

    The easiest ways to become wealthy is to win the lottery, inherit the money, or marry into money. So with these 3 ways, all you need is dumb luck or be beautiful enough that a rich guy would want to marry you. You don't need a book to be beautiful; all you need is makeup and a great hair stylist.
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    It's "SEED" money, you English challenged ****.
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