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    I've been working on a position trading strategy and backtesting it at StockFetcher and I like the results so far. However, it's bad enough that I can only test 2 year blocks at a time, but the farthest back it goes is 2002!
    Seriously, this only captures one year of a bear market and then it all BULL market from there! ANYTHING would test well in those years.
    I would like to test 10 or even 20 years at a time.
    Any suggestions?
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    What if I say "Pretty Please"? :D
  3. Yes. Don't assume markets 10-15 years ago have anything to do with markets now.
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    I'm not assuming anything.
    What I am saying is the majority of the backtesting period available at stockfetcher only covers the recent bull market. I would like to see how my system works in ALL types of markets, bull, bear and otherwise. So actually, if the markets 10-15 years ago were so different from today's market, that makes me want to backtest through those markets even more. My point is, I think a truly good system should be profitable in any market. Just relying on the past five years of data is useless.
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    I do some shorter term end of day data trading. My data is from TC2000:

    There coding method is very simple, and there are many threads that discuss it. Here is just one:

    I do my backtesting wit TC Companion:

    It uses the same basic PCF language that tc2000 uses for setup, entry, exit etc.

    There's also a user site:

    If you desire, you can run a bactest on the entire market for as many years as there is data.

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    Thanks for the info!! Appreciated!
  7. Their backtesting doesn't work. It's useless. Check it out yourself by looking at each trade in the test. Notice how it doesn't keep track of the order of entry vs exit.