Any alternative to charts?

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  1. I wanted some features like:

    - have at least up to 20 days of 1 minute charts
    - can easily zoom in and out of 5 days chart

    Actually have been so used to the Java charts of that if i use IB charts, I'll lose money, cause different look and feel, weird...

    Anyway, since is discontinued, hope to see other alternative charts, thanks for any recommendation
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    Are there a reason why it is discontinued? On the web site I am reading: web #1 technical analysis suite.
  3. it is not discontinued
  4. I have it up right now. Been using it since at least 2000. Looks fine to me.
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    thstart Will Discontinue This Web Site will discontinue this Web site in mid-February 2010. We encourage you to explore the extensive range of online searches, charting and research, tools and the wide variety of educational offerings, available from Investools.
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    E signal end of day data is only 25 dollars a month. For an extra 10 bucks you can get many years of minute data, or for the 25 you get around 6 months of minute data. is free is you have a brokerage account. Charts probably similiar to your other.
  7. Try

    The morons at investools bought a few years ago and now shutting it down? does not add up.
  8. I'm silver member of, has streaming data $44 per month, Esignal streaming chart cost $120+ per month?

    Actually i can subscribe investool for $99 for 3 months, it has prophet charts in there, but bit different from java charts

    Any similar charts to prophet java charts to recommend?? Prophet Java charts UI is so good, the time axis, the price axis, so clear and not lag in speed, from 20 days chart in 1 min interval, i can zoom in to the particular day, then zoom back, i can have 4 charts, etc...

    Note that Java charts in is slightly different from Prophet charts, if you know what i'm saying, i'm using Java charts

  9. does not offer streaming charts...

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