Any airline pilots trading on the side

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Sundog, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Sundog


    Any airline pilots trading on the side, lonely in a hotel room or from home, too.
    I just arrived home from a 11 day trip, flying all over the place, maybe there is a chance to hook up somewhere ? Next trip goes to Shanghai.

    Cheers Sundog
  2. Lucrum


    I'm not airline but Part 91 corporate.
    I've only run across a handful of pilots here and most were private. I think there was a retired airline guy at one time but I don't think he's active any more.
  3. Sundog


    Do you trade or fly more ?

  4. Cy_M


    Hi, former B-747 PIC here, the only thing I loved more than scalping but, this pays way much more, although drastically miss the chicks and the layovers...:p
    Pilots make great traders due the former trainings, discipline, detail oriented perfectionists, risk takers, able to follow check lists etc...but should definitely not do any serious trading while still in service, far too much thought consuming trading is, when a PIC cannot and should not think about anything but flying, On or Off duty. Although can by all means start his R&D.

    Wish you many safe flights.

  5. Lucrum


    I make more money flying but spend more time trading than flying. Mostly because I have a pretty cushy job. Currently averaging about 1/3 the national average work load for corporate pilots.
  6. Michael Scott's pilot could hook you up.
  7. Sundog


    Hi Cy_M,

    I am still flying B747-400F, but I´d love to do trading fulltime. I am not consistent enough to make money every month(week) in trading and I would have to size up on the positions . Scalping is tough. I tried it a few years ago on the Estx50 + Dax. I do not like the idle time, when you wait for your setup. It is similar to flying, just sit and wait. In flying you wait for the approach.
    But the most consistent money makers are scalpers, at least what some statistics say. Imho, too.



    :) :) :)
  8. Cy_M


    I wish, I were still flying, I miss it a lot. So, enjoy it while you can,it will never be late for scalping, but, when you do,just stick to ES and leave the rest out.
    Scalping and flying don't mix. Two, totally different worlds although share the exact discipline.
    I am a very successful(self proclaimed(2% a day)) scalper but,I am at it, 18 hours a day(7 days a week)! and that you cannot afford right now. No one with less dedication than that can be successful!
    We also flew the SP and loved it, the darned bird climbed like a fighter and higher than all else! It was such a ground kisser that If it weren't for the auto speed brake rising, more often than not I wouldn't have known we had touched down(LoL)!

  9. Drew07


    I'm actually a student pilot. I've thought about asking if there were any full time pilots that traded in their time off on here but didn't think I would get a response. That would be a pretty good gig in my opinion.
  10. Sundog


    Dear CY,

    Yes you are right , the 747 is really a powerful machine. We have some flights, which are almost empty (190 tons). If you do not derate the Take Off(assumed Temp.), you´ll bust you initial level easily.
    I still enjoy it, but I am a lot away from home. Our trips are in average 7 days. No chicks on freighters. It´s a pitty, but I can´t have it all.
    Before, I was flying charter with 7 attendants in the cabin(A321).

    By the way, have you learned trading without any mentor and did you start right away with scalping ? And i guess you just read the tape. Sorry, for asking. Because, you are one of a few successful scalpers, that I could ask and maybe it is possible to get some hints, e.g. forget all indicators or use YM as an indicator to trade ES, whatever.
    I am thankful for any hint to learn this craft, but I still prefer to trade on longer time frames.

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