Any African American Traders Out There?

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  1. Let's hook up and play some winners. [​IMG]
  2. My dad was black, but my mom was white and I was raised by my white grandmother in Hawaii. Also, some shady people paid my tuition through Harvard Law School.

    Do I still qualify as African American?
  3. fhl


    Are you still an African citizen? Like maybe Kenya, for instance?
  4. funny thing is, if anyone said they wanted to hook up with a white trader, they'd be called a racist
  5. Come on out to Sag Harbor.

  6. 100% African American. Born and Raised. Full time trader.
  7. I suppose that this thread got sicktraderII banned, and if so, then the ban was way out of bounds. SicktraderII [​IMG] saw shades of grey, and was down with all races and religions. [​IMG]
  8. PM Atticus. He's a brotha albeit on steroids.
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