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  1. I've recently graduated from a state school with a mediocre GPA. I've been trading for about 7 years, I started with $20K and I have grown my account to around $280K. I have also used this account to pay for my living expenses, taxes, and a car. So, my results would be better, accounting for these factors.

    I understand that luck can account for probably a large portion of my success, therefore I am looking to leverage this
    experience into a good job, that I probably would not have been able to obtain based on my credentials such as GPA. I will continue to manage my portfolio on the side, but I believe that I still have much to learn about managing money. I think my performance indicates that I have some talent in valuing companies, so I would be offering value to prospective employers.

    Basically, I am wondering if there is anyone who can provide any useful advice on how to obtain a position under these circumstances.
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    If you have a verifiable track record then I doubt people would care about your GPA.
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    Why do you want to answer to somebody else when your performance implies you can be your own boss ?
  5. MTE: How do I get my track record in the hands of people who could give me capital?

    volente: How can I become a boss of a large enough fund to cover living expenses ~2M, with only 280K and a 7 year track record.

    In other words, I'm looking to leverage what I've done into either capital to start my own fund or a position within an existing HF or PE that would enable me to start my own fund within 3-5 years.

    Any input, from anyone, on how to make this happen?? Or is there anyone on the board who can make this happen???
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    Do you want to go into a bank or a prop firm ?

    Your performance is very good, and given your age it's even exceptional !

    How old were you when you started ?

    (I am 20 myself, trading since I am 18).
  7. Prop seems kinda BS to me. I've done fine without ever using leverage. And I don't think it would help me, as I do not have an edge in day trading.

    Not sure about bank, given the right position, maybe. I would think a hedge fund would be ideal.

    I started when I was 16 and now I'm 23. Accounting for withdrawals, I've returned around 45% annually.
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    If you are good ($$$), they don't care about your GPA. For them it's only a mean to discriminate between all these similar candidates (that have never traded for most of them). And 45% annually without leverage at 23yo is awesome!

    You should contact firms, hedge funds, sending them your equity curve. Then, you can provide them the official statements if they ask for proof.

    Good luck !
  9. Hey, thanks for the kind words!

    How would you recommend going about locating smaller hedge funds?

    Our client is looking for a number of analytical traders for their various trading desks.

    Our client is looking for a number of analytical traders for their various trading desks. The position will involve both trade design and daily trading. The ideal candidate would have both the ability to work in a high pressure trading environment and the background to master fixed income mathematics.


    Bachelor's or Master's degree in a technical discipline required
    Ability to do light programming and analysis to aid in trade design and optimization. Experience in financial markets preferred but not required
    Work on analytical research projects may be considered as relevant experience

    About Our client

    We trade electronically in financial markets around the world, 24 hours/day (including Asian and European markets), and we are located in the heart of the financial district of Chicago. One of the many rewards of working with us is that we are small enough that your work matters and visibly contributes to the company’s growth. Compensation is very competitive with comprehensive benefits including health and life insurance, personal financial benefits and generous quarterly bonuses. Other valuable benefits include daily catered breakfasts and lunches, tuition assistance and frequent company-wide events.

    If this opportunity interests you, kindly send a cover letter stating why you want to be a trader and resume to
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